METAR CYCD 011600Z 16003KT 15SM OVC220 14/13 A3020 RMK CI8 FU ALOFT SLP229=

METAR CYCD 011500Z 18004KT 15SM BKN230 11/11 A3020 RMK CI7 FU ALOFT SLP229=

METAR CYCD 011400Z VRB02KT 10SM BKN240 11/11 A3019 RMK CI5 FU ALOFT SLP226=

TAF CYCD 011438Z 0115/0203 VRB03KT P6SM BKN240 PROB30 0115/0117 3SM BR
FM011700 03007KT P6SM FEW100 BKN160 RMK NXT FCST BY 011800Z=


SPECI CYVR 011631Z 10005KT 1SM R08L/P6000FT/N R08R/4000VP6000FT/D BR OVC006 14/13 A3020 RMK FG6SF2 SLP229=

SPECI CYVR 011624Z 09005KT 1/2SM R08L/5500VP6000FT/U R08R/2800VP6000FT/U FG VV002 14/13 A3020 RMK FG8 SLP229=

SPECI CYVR 011616Z 09004KT 1/8SM R08L/3000VP6000FT/N R08R/2400V3500FT/N FG VV001 14/13 A3021 RMK FG8 SLP231=

METAR CYVR 011600Z 09004KT 1/8SM R08L/1200V2000FT/U R08R/2200FT/N FG VV001 14/13 A3021 RMK FG8 SLP230=

METAR CYVR 011500Z 07004KT 0SM R08L/1400FT/N R08R/1200V2000FT/N FG VV001 13/13 A3020 RMK FG8 SLP227=

SPECI CYVR 011444Z 08004KT 0SM R08L/2000FT/N R26L/3000FT/N FG VV001 13/13 A3019 RMK FG8 SLP225=

SPECI CYVR 011435Z 07004KT 1/4SM R26R/1200V2000FT/N R26L/2600FT/N FG VV001 13/13 A3019 RMK FG8 SLP225=

SPECI CYVR 011428Z 08004KT 5/8SM R26R/1400V2200FT/N R26L/4500VP6000FT/D BR OVC001 13/12 A3019 RMK SF7 SLP224=

SPECI CYVR 011423Z 08004KT 2 1/4SM R26R/1600FT/N BR BKN002 BKN007 13/12 A3019 RMK SF5SF2 SLP225=

METAR CYVR 011400Z 08004KT 20SM SCT002 BKN015 13/12 A3019 RMK SF3SC7 SLP224=

TAF AMD CYVR 011502Z 0115/0218 08005KT P6SM FEW002 SCT015 BKN200 TEMPO 0115/0117 0SM FG VV001
FM011700 14005KT P6SM FEW015 BKN200 TEMPO 0117/0123 6SM FU BR BECMG 0118/0120 25006KT
FM012300 30006KT P6SM SCT120 BKN200 TEMPO 0123/0209 3SM FU BECMG 0203/0205 VRB03KT
FM020900 VRB03KT P6SM FEW080 SCT120 TEMPO 0209/0217 2SM FU BR PROB30 0210/0216 1/2SM FG VV002 RMK NXT FCST BY 011800Z=


SPECI CYXX 011632Z VRB02KT 20SM VCFG FEW150 BKN220 BKN250 13/13 A3020 RMK AC1CI4CI2 VIS SE-SW 2 HZ SLP230=

METAR CYXX 011600Z 19003KT 20SM R07/2000FT/N PRFG FEW150 BKN220 BKN250 12/12 A3021 RMK AC1CI4CI2 FG BANK SE-W VIS 1 SLP231=

SPECI CYXX 011517Z 21003KT 150V220 20SM PRFG FEW150 SCT220 BKN250 11/11 A3020 RMK AC1CI3CI3 FG BANK SE-W VIS S-SW 1 1/4 SLP229=

METAR CYXX 011500Z 12002KT 30SM VCFG FEW150 SCT220 BKN250 11/10 A3020 RMK AC1CI3CI3 VIS SW 3 SLP229=

SPECI CYXX 011417Z 00000KT 30SM VCFG FEW220 BKN250 11/11 A3019 RMK CI2CI4 VIS 4 S-SW SLP227=

METAR CYXX 011400Z 00000KT 30SM MIFG SCT230 BKN260 11/11 A3019 RMK CI3CI3 VIS LWR SW SLP225=

TAF CYXX 011138Z 0112/0212 VRB03KT P6SM SCT090 SCT240 TEMPO 0112/0115 3SM FU BR PROB30 0112/0114 1/2SM FG VV002
FM012000 VRB03KT P6SM BKN150 BECMG 0123/0201 25006KT SCT150 SCT200
FM020500 VRB03KT P6SM SCT150 TEMPO 0205/0212 3SM FU BR PROB30 0205/0212 1SM BR RMK NXT FCST BY 011800Z=

Supplemental information

Lower mainland ATIS: 1-877-517-2847

CZBB (Boundary Bay) current winds

Upper winds (Vancouver)

Data fromValid at300060009000


On October 10, 2019, NAV CANADA changed to the ICAO NOTAM format. They are now available only through Collaborative Flight Planning Services (CFPS) (plan.navcanada.ca). I'm working to update this site to pull in the relevant NOTAMs in the new format.