METAR CYCD 102000Z 13004KT 090V180 25SM SCT045 OVC120 22/16 A2996 RMK SC3AC5 SLP148 DENSITY ALT 1000FT=

METAR CYCD 101900Z 07005KT 040V120 25SM FEW060 BKN120 22/17 A2996 RMK SC2AC5 SLP149 DENSITY ALT 1000FT=

METAR CYCD 101800Z 04007KT 25SM SCT065 BKN130 23/17 A2996 RMK SC3AC3 SLP146 DENSITY ALT 1100FT=

TAF CYCD 101740Z 1018/1104 VRB03KT P6SM SCT070 BKN120 TEMPO1018/1024 P6SM -SHRAFM110000 10007KT P6SM SCT040 BKN070 TEMPO 1100/1104 P6SM -SHRAVCTS BKN040CBRMK NXT FCST BY 110000Z


SPECI CYVR 102052Z 11013KT 25SM -RA SCT100 BKN130 OVC210 18/17 A3001 RMK AC3AC3CS2 SLP166 DENSITY ALT 300FT=

METAR CYVR 102000Z 15010G16KT 25SM FEW025 FEW130 SCT180 BKN240 19/16 A2999 RMK CU1AC2AC1CS4 CU TR SLP159 DENSITY ALT 500FT=

METAR CYVR 101900Z 13013KT 25SM FEW025 SCT130 BKN180 BKN240 20/16 A2999 RMK CU1AC3AS4CS1 CU TR CS TR SLP157 DENSITY ALT 600FT=

METAR CYVR 101800Z 12015G20KT 25SM SCT130 BKN160 BKN180 20/16 A2997 RMK AC4AC2AC1 HZ DIST NW-NE SLP151 DENSITY ALT 600FT=

TAF CYVR 102040Z 1021/1124 16010KT P6SM BKN150 TEMPO 1021/1024VRB15G25KT 6SM TSRA BKN080CBFM110000 12010KT P6SM SCT080 BKN150 TEMPO 1100/1106 P6SM -SHRAVCTS BKN080CBFM110600 08008KT P6SM FEW008 SCT015FM111000 10006KT P6SM SCT015 TEMPO 1110/1117 BKN015FM111700 24008KT P6SM FEW040RMK NXT FCST BY 110000Z=


SPECI CYXX 102024Z 26009KT 230V290 30SM -SHRA FEW030 BKN060CB BKN120 21/16 A3000 RMK SC1CB4AC1 SLP161 DENSITY ALT 800FT=

METAR CYXX 102000Z 26008KT 200V280 30SM FEW050 BKN160 BKN180 20/16 A3000 RMK CU2AC3AC2 SLP162 DENSITY ALT 800FT=

METAR CYXX 101900Z 23010KT 25SM FEW030 BKN160 BKN180 22/16 A3000 RMK CU2AC3AC1 SLP159 DENSITY ALT 1000FT=

METAR CYXX 101800Z 25007KT 210V300 30SM FEW020 BKN160 BKN180 21/15 A2999 RMK CU2AC4AC1 CVCTV CLD EMBD SLP156 DENSITY ALT 900FT=

TAF AMD CYXX 101959Z 1019/1118 22006KT P6SM BKN150 TEMPO 1019/1023VRB15G25KT P6SM TSRA BKN080CBFM102300 22010KT P6SM SCT040 BKN100 TEMPO 1023/1108 P6SM -SHRAVCTS BKN040CB OVC100FM110800 VRB03KT P6SM FEW006 SCT015 TEMPO 1108/1118 P6SM -DZSCT006 BKN015RMK NXT FCST BY 110000Z=

Supplemental information

Lower mainland ATIS: 1-877-517-2847

CZBB (Boundary Bay) current winds

Upper winds (Vancouver)

Data fromValid at300060009000


On October 10, 2019, NAV CANADA changed to the ICAO NOTAM format. They are now available only through Collaborative Flight Planning Services (CFPS) (plan.navcanada.ca). I'm working to update this site to pull in the relevant NOTAMs in the new format.