LWIS CYCD 030800Z AUTO 00000KT 11/08 A3003=

LWIS CYCD 030700Z AUTO 22002KT 11/09 A3002=

LWIS CYCD 030600Z AUTO 01002KT 12/10 A3001=

TAF CYCD 022340Z 0300/0304 02005KT P6SM SKCRMK NXT FCST BY 031500Z


METAR CYVR 030800Z VRB02KT 20SM FEW240 13/13 A3003 RMK CI1 SLP170=

METAR CYVR 030700Z 00000KT 20SM FEW240 13/13 A3001 RMK CI1 SLP165=

METAR CYVR 030600Z VRB02KT 20SM FEW240 13/13 A3000 RMK CI1 SLP161=

TAF CYVR 030840Z 0309/0412 VRB03KT P6SM FEW240 PROB30 0309/03161/2SM FG BKN003FM031600 25007KT P6SM SKCBECMG 0404/0406 VRB03KTFM040600 VRB03KT P6SM FEW210 PROB30 0406/0412 1/2SM FG BKN003RMK NXT FCST BY 031200Z=


METAR CYXX 030800Z 35002KT 15SM SKC 13/11 A3003 RMK SLP171=

METAR CYXX 030700Z 00000KT 15SM SKC 13/11 A3002 RMK SLP167=

METAR CYXX 030600Z 17003KT 15SM SKC 14/12 A3000 RMK SLP162=

TAF CYXX 030540Z 0306/0406 VRB03KT P6SM SKCFM030900 VRB03KT P6SM SKC PROB30 0309/0316 1/2SM FG BKN002FM032000 24006KT P6SM SKCBECMG 0404/0406 VRB03KTRMK NXT FCST BY 031200Z=

Supplemental information

Lower mainland ATIS: 1-877-517-2847

CZBB (Boundary Bay) current winds

Upper winds (Vancouver)

Data fromValid at300060009000


On October 10, 2019, NAV CANADA changed to the ICAO NOTAM format. They are now available only through Collaborative Flight Planning Services (CFPS) (plan.navcanada.ca). I'm working to update this site to pull in the relevant NOTAMs in the new format.