METAR CYCD 270000Z 11002KT 25SM FEW028 BKN070 07/01 A3029 RMK SC2AC5 SLP260=

METAR CYCD 262300Z 14003KT 090V150 20SM SCT023 BKN059 OVC150 07/01 A3029 RMK CU3SC3AC2 SLP262=

METAR CYCD 262200Z 09004KT 070V140 25SM SCT022 BKN066 07/01 A3029 RMK SC4AC3 SLP262=

TAF CYCD 262348Z 2700/2704 11008KT P6SM SCT020 BKN060RMK NXT FCST BY 271500Z=


METAR CYVR 270000Z 07005KT 15SM BKN035 BKN070 BKN230 08/02 A3029 RMK CU5AC1CI1 TCU ASOCTD SLP258=

METAR CYVR 262300Z 05005KT 040V100 15SM BKN035 BKN070 BKN230 07/02 A3029 RMK CU7AC1CI1 AC TR CI TR TCU ASOCTD SLP261=

METAR CYVR 262200Z 07006KT 15SM BKN030 BKN070 BKN230 08/02 A3029 RMK CU6AC1CI1 AC TR TCU ASOCTD SLP260=

TAF CYVR 262340Z 2700/2806 08005KT P6SM BKN030FM270600 08008KT P6SM SCT012 BKN025 TEMPO 2706/2716 BKN012FM271600 30010KT P6SM SCT025RMK NXT FCST BY 270300Z


METAR CYXX 270000Z 35004KT 25SM FEW038 BKN070 08/M00 A3028 RMK CU2AC5 SLP258=

METAR CYXX 262300Z 00000KT 25SM FEW038 BKN068 08/M01 A3028 RMK CU2AC5 VIRGA NE SLP259=

METAR CYXX 262200Z 00000KT 25SM FEW045 BKN069 08/M01 A3028 RMK CU1AC6 SLP258=

TAF CYXX 262340Z 2700/2724 VRB03KT P6SM FEW040 BKN060BECMG 2703/2705 01005KTFM270800 03005KT P6SM SCT015 BKN030 TEMPO 2708/2715 BKN015FM271500 03008KT P6SM FEW060RMK NXT FCST BY 270600Z=

Supplemental information

Lower mainland ATIS: 1-877-517-2847

CZBB (Boundary Bay) current winds

Upper winds (Vancouver)

Data fromValid at300060009000


On October 10, 2019, NAV CANADA changed to the ICAO NOTAM format. They are now available only through Collaborative Flight Planning Services (CFPS) (plan.navcanada.ca). I'm working to update this site to pull in the relevant NOTAMs in the new format.